Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. Dealing With Hair Loss & Balding

There’s a saying that the information that you think is most private and of little use to others, is actually most useful to others!

So although it seems like our personal experiences and failures as regards family, relationships, career, business, aging, sex, health… are of little value to the rest of the world, in reality those very experiences could provide valuable insights to others in similar situations.

That’s perhaps why honest autobiographies are so inspiring and thought-provoking.

However one cannot always share such information, because of the possibility that it might have financial or legal implications or might hurt or embarrass  loved ones. [ I am right now wondering what my 6 yr old son would think of this piece when he is a teenager (presuming he bothers to read it). Would he be embarrassed by his father’s blog about balding? I wonder…]

However we can choose to share information that primarily affects us and no one else. I suppose that’s why my detailed account of my knee surgury (2009) & rehab was well received and my IT Survivors (2004) article had received an overwhelming response.

What I am attempting below, is a far more personal account, of my march towards baldness (the ordeal of a balding man). I am 35 and I ‘like to think of myself’ as a fairly confident & moderately “successful” “young” man. I am not yet obviously bald but I am well on my way.

The reason I am writing this piece is because only when I started losing hair, did I realize how fragile my self esteem was, and how vulnerable I was to even a seemingly trivial thing like a receding hairline. I write this piece with the hope of refining my thoughts on the matter and maybe being of some use to others in a similar predicament.

I sported a soldier-cut till well into my teens, primarily because that was the only haircut considered “proper” in our house. However once I became more conscious about hair, I tried out most things possible with hair, from long, short, bald look, flowing beard, short moustache, curved moustache and more. I enjoyed tweaking my look (still do). So throughout college and later, hair loss was the last thing on my mind. Until… Continue reading Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. Dealing With Hair Loss & Balding

Degeneration Of Sports Clubs – Dogs & Indians Not Allowed!

I have been frequenting multiple Pune sports clubs over the past two decades. So I have kind of been a witness to how sports establishments seem to have moved from being open, sports centers to elitist recreation clubs. It seems like it will only be a matter of time before a “Dogs & Indians Not Allowed*” kind of board gets put up at these clubs. Through this blog, I hope to highlight what I think has gone wrong and some possible solutions.

This blog is primarily based on Deccan Gymkhana and PYC Gymkhana in Pune, as those are the clubs where I have spent most time over the past 20 years. However I believe most of the points below would apply to many such clubs across India. Continue reading Degeneration Of Sports Clubs – Dogs & Indians Not Allowed!

Learning From History – At Peace With History (The Sceptical Patriot)

Just finished reading “The Sceptical Patriot”, a book that examines the veracity of popular “India Facts” like Invented the zero, Sanskrit is the best language for computers, India never invaded another country, India was once the most prosperous nation, Plastic surgery was developed in India … The author deals with several such “facts” that gets bandied over email, facebook, dinner conversations and more. He deals with them in a layman-friendly and mildly-funny text of 200 odd pages.

The aim of the book and also this post is not to mock, belittle or ignore India’s past achievements but to take a realistic view based on the evidence available. Continue reading Learning From History – At Peace With History (The Sceptical Patriot)

Question the guru. Question the sanskars.

Indian newspapers recently carried stories of the police allegedly using mumbo-jumbo tantriks to talk to the dead to solve murder mysteries.  Soon after came stories of a reputed media house publishing a book that claimed to unravel the journey of the soul and life after death. Later a well-known computer scientist supported the police’s attempts to talk to the dead. A few months prior to this was the Unnao gold dig where archeologists started digging for gold based on a seer’s dream. These are just a few of the countless cases of irrational behaviour that are so blatant and mainstream in India.

Why is it that despite science being such a prized subject in schools and colleges, do Indians do so badly at adopting a scientific approach? Continue reading Question the guru. Question the sanskars.

Pune Loksabha Candidates Comparison – Elections 2014

Pune is fortunate to have been offered decent candidates by most parties. However there are significant differences in their profiles. While several candidates have criminal cases against them, it needs to be noted that the cases against the major candidates are related to political protests and defying police orders in the process.

Below is my quick assessment of the major candidates. It is ofcourse based on my perception. I do not claim to be unbiased or objective. Do add comments with any additional inputs / info.

Continue reading Pune Loksabha Candidates Comparison – Elections 2014

Spare The Tree – This Gudhi

Happy Gudhi Padwa! The new year day for many Marathi households and also the day when thousands of mango, neem trees and many other plants get ripped of their leaves and flowers for a symbolic Gudi decoration.

The leaves and flowers are supposed to make the Gudhi more appealing. but maybe it is time to consider if the leaves and flowers are better off ‘alive and well’ on the plant or ‘dead’ on the Gudhi? Maybe the tree could be your Gudhi (put a silver pot over it for a day the tree wont mind :) Or even better, maybe we could welcome the new year by planting a sapling?

As students of science, shouldn’t we also be examining customs and beliefs in the light of the science of the day and with the context of the times we live in?

गुढी पाडवा आणि नवीन वर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !

Wish you a Goody Gudi Padwa :)

I Believe In Dr. Narendra Dabholkar

DabholkarI have been volunteering for Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (Maharashtra Committee for Eradication of Blind Faith), usually referred to as Anis, for over 3 years and was fortunate to be closely associated with Dr Dabholkar over that period. I write this in great shock, disbelief and sorrow.

For over two decades, Dr. Dabholkar fought against rampant superstitions in our society and for the cause of rationalism and humanism. While radicals and those with vested interests regularly tried to malign him and project him as someone opposed to religion, that was never the case. Continue reading I Believe In Dr. Narendra Dabholkar