Build with NetBeans IDE, Deploy to Oracle Java Cloud Service | Java Magazine May-Jun 2014

Build with Netbeans IDE, Deploy to the Oracle Java Cloud Service

My article in the May June 2014 issue of Java Magazine >> Build with Netbeans IDE, Deploy to the Oracle Java Cloud Service.

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Pune Loksabha Candidates Comparison – Elections 2014

Pune is fortunate to have been offered decent candidates by most parties. However there are significant differences in their profiles. While several candidates have criminal cases against them, it needs to be noted that the cases against the major candidates are related to political protests and defying police orders in the process.

Below is my quick assessment of the major candidates. It is ofcourse based on my perception. I do not claim to be unbiased or objective. Do add comments with any additional inputs / info.

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Spare The Tree – This Gudhi

Happy Gudhi Padwa! The new year day for many Marathi households and also the day when thousands of mango, neem trees and many other plants get ripped of their leaves and flowers for a symbolic Gudi decoration.

The leaves and flowers are supposed to make the Gudhi more appealing. but maybe it is time to consider if the leaves and flowers are better off ‘alive and well’ on the plant or ‘dead’ on the Gudhi? Maybe the tree could be your Gudhi (put a silver pot over it for a day the tree wont mind :) Or even better, maybe we could welcome the new year by planting a sapling?

As students of science, shouldn’t we also be examining customs and beliefs in the light of the science of the day and with the context of the times we live in?

गुढी पाडवा आणि नवीन वर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !

Wish you a Goody Gudi Padwa :)

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I Believe In Dr. Narendra Dabholkar

DabholkarI have been volunteering for Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (Maharashtra Committee for Eradication of Blind Faith), usually referred to as Anis, for over 3 years and was fortunate to be closely associated with Dr Dabholkar over that period. I write this in great shock, disbelief and sorrow.

For over two decades, Dr. Dabholkar fought against rampant superstitions in our society and for the cause of rationalism and humanism. While radicals and those with vested interests regularly tried to malign him and project him as someone opposed to religion, that was never the case. Continue reading

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My Java Magazine Feature, Cloud Article – JavaOne Interview

Feature from Java Magazine (March-April 2013) and video from JavaOne India 2013. Article on the Oracle Java Cloud in the Sep-Oct 2013 issue. Continue reading

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Evaluate The Evidence On Alcohol. Make The Prudent Choice

Dear Friend,

The new year is just around the corner. Here’s wishing you a happy & prosperous 2013.

Considering the growing use & abuse of alcohol amongst youngsters, here are a few facts on alcohol that I would like you to consider. Continue reading

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Astrology vs Science & Reason | Which side are you on?

A few months back came the shocking news of the Palkar family suicide in Pune, where Arun Palkar(40), a well off electrical contractor consumed sleeping pills along with his wife (37) and children aged 11 & 6. He did so because he believed that Shani (Saturn) and Mangal (Mars) were so unfavourably placed in his horoscope that irrespective of what he did, he & his family would never be happy. It is likely that he even planned the suicide so as to rescue his family from present & future suffering. Continue reading

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Savarkar – The Grey Icon Of India

Savarkar (above) and Gandhi politely agreed to...


I see Twitter abuzz with #Savarkar on the 130th birth anniversary of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar aka Veer Savarkar. So thought of writing this quick post on the man.

Savarkar has to be one of the most intriguing icons of India. An icon you can’t possibly categorize as black or white. Savarkar has to be the grey icon of India. Continue reading

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