Just keep swimming!

The title to this entry comes from the movie Finding Nemo. Remember Dory?

I learnt swimming many years ago however I never learnt it properly or was good at it. I could swim about 25 meters. I have been planning to take up swimming training for quite some time but it never quite worked out.

Finally, a few months back, me and my wife, managed to enroll for swimming training at the Tilak Tank in Pune.

It’s now been about 3 months of regular swimming and I can now swim breast stroke about (21 meters x 40) = 840 meters at one go. I am still struggling a little with freestyle as I get exhausted in about 5 rounds. Freestyle is very fast paced and unless you consciously slow down, it is very easy to burn out. There’s no gliding in freestyle and so I end up doing the short sprint equivalent in the water.

My backstroke is ordinary and I haven’t yet tried out the butterfly. Butterfly is considered very difficult and exhausting but it is surely the best stroke to watch.

Swimming is a super sport as it gives you an entire body workout and is great fun. I hope to keep swimming regularly. Let’s see if things do work out that way. Check these links to get started with swimming or if you wish to improve your technique.

The comments to the articles are also useful.

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