Times of India follows up on my complaint

A few days back I wrote about my complaint to the Maharashtra IT dept and to the Times of India about the disappearance of punemahapalika.org, which was supposedly the official site of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).Guess what, the Times Of India followed up on the matter with the PMC and in a news story today about PMC’s web sites, it mentions my complaint. And guess what, they say that I am an IT expert. I never suggested that I was one but that doesn’t matter.

In the “What about the existing site?” section in the story, it says “City-based information technology (IT) expert Harshad Oak had, through the e-tapaal service, complained to the department of IT, Maharashtra, regarding the defunct website. When TNN sought to know why the PMC s official website which has been shown as a link on the Maharashtra government’s official website and finds a place on the PMC’s telephone directory has been shut down, civic chief Nitin Kareer said he was not aware of such a site, adding that all he knew was that the PMC s official website was www.egovpmc.com.”

Strange that the civic chief wasn’t aware. But Kareer overall seems like a good guy wanting to improve things. So hopefully something should happen soon in the regard.