Yoga, Religion and Swamis on TV

Although I like early mornings, I very rarely manage to get up early. Today was one of those rare days. As the newspaper had not come in, I switched on my TV set and had a look at some of the early morning religious preachings being aired on various channels.

While many channels had people talking about religion and god, there were some that also aired a mix of Yoga and religion. I do not remember the name of the swami I watched but I was impressed by the way he held the audience and made them do various yoga poses.

TV swami’s have become very popular in India and some like Baba Ramdev have become even more popular due to some recent controversies. The one thing I like about these swami’s is that they ask the listener to do good. The yoga swamis I think have had a good impact on society as Yoga today is more popular in India than it might have been in 100s of years.

I too was fairly ignorant of yoga until a few years back and used to associate yoga with PT drills that we had in school. Yoga is nothing like Physical Training (PT) and the mind plays just as important a role as the body.

Anyway, teaching yoga is fine, but preaching religion to 1000s of people through the medium of TV however I don’t think is such a good idea. Religion and mass media is a very dangerous combination.