Documentary film making – Nagrik

I recently completed a short course of documentary film making at OpenSpace. Attended the course for no reason other than learning a new and intersting skill. The course was good fun and I got a lot of info about film making.

Documentary film makers however seemed obsessed with a few things and seem to forget that films esentially are about the viewer liking them and not only about getting critical acclaim.

There was always an attempt to find a deep meaning in every little thing shown on screen. One of the discussions we had in the course was “Why were the tomatoes shown in a film so red. Was there some reason the director chose to show tomatos so red?”. Not much came out of the discussion, but we did eventually named the course googlegroup as ‘redtomato’.

For the practicals we were split into groups of 4-5 people and asked to pick a topic. My team’s documentary was “Nagrik : Documentary on public participation in solving problems faced by a city

Click here to view the documentary. Have lots more to write about documentary making. Hope to do that soon.

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    we are interested in showing documentary in collaboration with you to our management students. Pl guide me on how to go for it.

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    i m also so interested in wild film making. ican take risk plz contact me

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    i would like to do documentary film making course in chennai… is there any possibility or through online in this institute