Please Do Not Litter – Waste bin just 1 minute away

One of the big problems in Indian society is the lack of civic sense. This manifests in various forms, one of the most common being the way in which we litter and convert roads and neighbourhoods into garbage bins.

The common argument is that the administration isn’t doing its job of keeping the city clean. However that argument has no substance. We spit on the roads, dispose plastic, paper and even daily household garbage by the road side.

How can India possibly become a developed nation if we do not fix these basic flaws in our society? It’s not just illiteracy and poverty that’s the cause, as I have seen even rich and supposedly well educated people do the same things.

I feel the solution lies in a change of our prioirty list. Development issues always must be top priority. Basic things like water supply, clean and habitable cities, power supply… should be the only things that matter at election time.

Anyway, garbage dumping is a big problem on the road beside my building. We try telling people to stop and instead use the corportation bin just a minute away, but that hasn’t really worked. So I have now created and put up the following posters on the road. I am hoping that this will lead to some improvement in the situation.

1) Poster 1 (English) – Please Do Not Litter (WASTE BIN JUST 1 MINUTE AWAY)
2) Same mesage in the Marathi language