Skype Out vs Yahoo Voice – Service Review and Comparison

I have been using Skype for a long time and recently started using Yahoo Voice as well.

Considering that both Skype Out and Yahoo Voice are paid services, thought I would blog my experience. Maybe it will help someone decide which service to buy.

1) Software: Yahoo Voice comes integrated into Yahoo Messenger that we have all been using for years. So there’s no new software to install or new tool to familiarize yourself with.

2) Ease of Use: Yahoo is trying to do too much in one Messenger tool. Messenger is now too powerful, heavy and overloaded. As I rarely use instant messaging, I just want a tool to make phone calls and maybe chat occasionally, Skype is the superior software if you are just making phone calls.

3) Linux: Skype has a Linux version. To the best of my knowledge Yahoo Voice has no Linux option.

4) Cost: This is where Yahoo is at times twice as good as Skype. Yahoo Voice Rates in some cases are half that of Skype rates. When you compare rates, note that Skype shows rates in Euros by default.

5) Call and Sound Quality: Skype is easily superior to Yahoo. Especially if you are not on a lightning fast connection, the difference in quality can be startling. This is the case in Sep 2006, I guess Yahoo will improve as the voice service matures.

6) Community: In terms of community of users, Skype is obviously way behind Yahoo.

7) Features: Yahoo and Skype are almost the same as regards features. Yahoo has an extra feature to set your home country so that for calls to that country, you need not enter the international calling code. This feature however is buggy as of now. I wasted some money because of it and yahoo support wasn’t much help.

Verdict: If Skype can match Yahoo rates I would definitely go with Skype. If Yahoo is going to save me 10’s of dollars I would use it for family calls and use Skype for business.