Iqara Broadband becomes You Telecom – Internet quality stays just as bad

Iqara Boradband recently changed its name to You Telecom. Unfortunately the name’s the only thing that has improved with Iqara.

I have been using Iqara / You Telecom for a couple of years and here are some quick observations:

1) If it works it can work very well for several days.

2) If it fails / slows down you are in big trouble. Iqara is awfully bad at resolving complaints. They were bad 2 years back and they still are.
3) Iqara / You Telecom does not provide email support. Iqara phone support is useless.

4) Calling their local office and speaking to the staff their, is the only form of support that works a tiny little bit.

5) Iqara / You Telecom although provides mediocre quality of service, it still would rank amongst the best in India. Simply because the other providers are worse. I can definitely say that Sify and Tata Indicom are no good, at least in Pune city.

Sify has good support but their service itself is quite bad. You have to install pesky software, tolerate ads and yet get bad service. Installing and using Iqara / You telecom is a lot simpler, you just configure it as a network.

I believe the root cause behind the bad telecom services in India is the incompetence of the regulator, TRAI. The Iqara and Sify’s of India will naturally try their best to make the most oney by providing the least services. It’s up to the regulator to ensure that this is not the case. Unfortunately TRAI is asleep and the internet vendors are literally harassing customers.

It’s a similar case with mobile phone services. The consumers in that case are just a little more empowered than internet consumers.

If you have any telecom related grievances, please compalin to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Unless they are flooded with compalints, we can’t expect good telecom services in India.