India’s first independent conference on Java technology – Pune – 1st & 2nd December 2006

Ever wondered why apart from a handful of open-source events, no learning-oriented technology conferences happen in India?

We are mostly stuck with conferences that are promotional events or marketing shows with free 5-star lunch, goodies and t-shirts in return for spending hours listening to why company X’s product Y is the best and how company X’s products are changing the world.

I have nothing against these events and I think they are a fair exchange. But shouldn’t there also be events where you can talk to peers, learn from experts who are not promoting anything, brainstorm about the new and exciting?

We at are making it happen. The annual conference on Java Technology 2006 is a pure learning and collaboration event like no other in India. We have invited some of the biggest names in Java technology as speakers at the event and we hope to attract the brightest technology brains in India as delegates.

Do check out

If you are not at the event, I can assure you that you are missing a lot.

We have also priced the event such that even individuals can buy their way in. Something’s not right, if you are earning Rs. 20000+ every month and yet hesitating to spend Rs. 1499 on 2 days of learning. Technology has this strange habit of rewarding only those who work hard to keep up with it.

See you at the conference. Write to if you have any queries or feel free to write to me at firstname @ Conference On Java Technology 2006