Email Is Dead – Long Live The Phone Call

I have never enjoyed using the phone and I have a particular dislike for the mobile phone. I find it a very intrusive form of communication. I don’t like the fact that the calling party decides when, where and if I should be talking to them. Not taking calls and calling back later is also not my cup of tea.

So as far as possible I try to get things done over email and don’t call people, especially on their mobiles. However that policy just isn’t working. Despite my best efforts I have now pretty much given up on email and have started relying on the phone to get things done.

I have lately been working on promotions for the first Conference On Java Technology 2006, Pune-India . Content wise, the conference is the best place in India to learn the latest in java tech. But reach and marketing muscle wise we aren’t anywhere near the big IT companies. So we can’t throw money at our problems but we have to keep talking to people to get things done.
Earlier I used to just try and find the person’s email address, send a mail and wait. But the situation is now hopeless. Humans in 2006, just don’t to take emails seriously.

It might be because they get too many of them, but the bottom line is that emails are pretty much useless when it comes to important discussions or decision making.

A friend of mine has been after me for years “Pick up the phone Harshad, that’s the way to get business going” he said.

I am now convinced.