Election Voter List Internet Search

* Update Mar 2009 – The post below is from 2007. Please click here for 2009 voter list search links – Pune Voter List Search For India General Elections 2009

* Update Oct 2009Voter List Search For Maharashtra State Assembly Elections

egovpmc.com has been updated and it now provides for voter search. It however links to another site called pmcelection.com for the search. PmcElection.com in turn links to a site zpsatara.gov.in if you try to get voter details.

So things are a bit messed up but at least it works. Congratulations to the PMC for e-enabling the voter list.

The maharashtra state election commissioner provides for state level voter search.

National Election Commission also provides for voter list search. But it doesn’t seem to work.

* Spelling mistakes are common in election rolls. So if name based search doesn’t work try a few other things like building plot number etc.
* Note that you might have to install a font if you opt for Marathi search on the PMC site. On the state election commission site, search results appear in Marathi (Devnagari). So you would have to install an ActiveX control. Your browser might flash a message saying “…could be a security risk. Are you sure you wish to install?”

*** Please do not add comments asking for voter lists of various towns and cities. Please note that this is a personal blog and not a government site. Unfortunately I am in no position to get any voter lists for you.