Pune City Municipal Corporation Elections 2007 – Deccan Gymkhana

Pune Municipal Corporation elections last happened 5 years back, i.e in 2002. I have hardly any memory of that election, because I didn’t quite care back then.

Things have changed a lot in 5 years. I not only intend to vote but I also plan to first study the candidates contesting the election in 2007. I have repeatedly written about how Pune city is crumbling, primarily because of incompetent administration. So I guess now’s the chance for Pune citizens to have an impact on the future of Pune.

As yet the candidate names haven’t been announced. But the current corporator, Prof. Vikas Matkari in my area [Deccan Gymkhana – Law College Ward], I suppose would be contesting again.

I do not know the specifics of what he has done in he past 5 years, but here’s my layman analysis of what works for and against Mr. Matkari –

1) Educated – He teaches at BMCC college in Pune. Well-educated politicians are very rare in India. So that’s a big plus.

2) Visibility – Apart from a couple of tree plantations, I do not recall anything significant driven primarily by Mr Matkari. Some of the tree plantations also seemed to be meant more to counter the anti hill road movement than for eco reasons.

3) Connected- My family members received birthday cards from his office last year. So Mr Matkari has organized the electorate info and is interested in harvesting that data. Good to see politicians trying to reach out to voters even when elections aren’t around the corner.

4) Roads at any cost – He was one of the strong supporters of the Senapati Bapat – Paud Link road from the hills in Pune. Not a great idea.

5) No silly statements – Unlike many politicians in Pune, I do not remember Mr Matkari getting into trouble because of silly claims in the media. I also do not remember him being part of any illegal protests, road blocks, etc.

6) Development Activities – Hmmm….Nothing much to note.

Once the candidate list is out, I will write more of a comparison. I am not associated with / support any particular political party.

egovpmc.com is expected to soon carry election and candidate details. Looking at past egovpmc record, I am not very optimistic , but i guess something’s better than nothing.