Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Election Results

In the 144-member Pune Municipal Corporation, no party could muster absolute majority.

  1. Congress managed 35 seats down from 61 in the previous polls.
  2. The NCP got 42 seats,which is almost double the number last time.
  3. BJP bagged 25 seats
  4. Shiv Sena 20 seats
  5. Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Nirman Sena managed to get 8 seats
  6. Independents (14)

So Kalmadi Congress has taken a major hit in these elections. Somebody had to pay for the ever deteriorating state of Pune city. It looks like the Congress has borne the brunt of civic protest.

The Pune elections results unfortunately did not receive good coverage in the electronic media. TV channels obsessed with Western suburbs of Mumbai could not think beyond reporting about the celebrity habited areas. Central suburbs of Mumbai or any of the other cities in Maharashtra that had civic elections were pretty much ignored by Hindi and English TV. Marathi channels did a far better job.

Unfortunately the official PMC website egovpmc.com failed miserably throughout this elections.

For all of voting day, when it was supposed to provide voter list search, egovpmc.com was dead. I called up the company that was running pmcelection.com website to inform them of the site failure, but neither were they aware of the failure nor could they do anything to fix the problem.

Today when egovpmc.com was supposed to display the election results, it has been displaying only a list of candidates all day. To add to that you need to install a new font for the page to be displayed properly and the Devanagari (Marathi) text to be readable.