Pune Municipal Transport (PMT) Online at PMTPune.org

Just browsed through PmtPune.org, the new official website of the Pune Municipal Transport (PMT). The site is impressive. Kudos to everybody involved in creating the site.

Designing a website is not a big deal these days, but making it easy to use and providing useful data and functionality, surely is. Especially as most PMT staff would be computer illiterate.

The site provides –

  • Route Info
  • Schedules
  • Even Maps depicting the routes!
  • Route Finder
  • Pass Info
  • Pune Darshan City Tour Info
  • Hire a Bus Info
  • Complaints Form
  • Contacts

There’s lots of other useful data and no empty sections.

Pune Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) BusThe BRT project has got a bad name in recent times but BRT buses make the site look good. BRT bus images flash across all pages while the other 99% of run down tin cases that are PMT buses are not shown.

The site actually is too good for PMT’s current standards. Viewing the website, even a resident of a developed nation used to great public transport systems might get fooled into thinking that he/she can use PMT while in Pune. If you have been to Pune, you would know that is pretty much impossible.

Hopefully the new website is a sign of good things to come for PMT and public transport systems in Pune.

I also hope the software companies haven’t charged some exorbitant amount for the web development and maintenance. I guess old world govt. officials could be easily made to think that it’s rocket science and worth millions.

The site is well designed but here are a few things I found amiss –

  1. Page title is not informative and stays the same for all pages. Search engines will not be kind to the site.
  2. No Favicon image that will be displayed in tabs on Firefox and IE7.
  3. The site provides for ad spaces. But it’s highly unlikely that PMT would be able to sell that space. So best option is to get the site on to Google Adsense or similar network.

PmtPune.org needs to learn from the egovpmc.com experience. EGovPmc.com the supposed e-governance initiative of the Pune Municipal Corporation has been a miserable failure as the site is down very often and there seems to be zero participation from the PMC administration. The site is also rarely updated and compalaints are never responded to. I have earlier blogged about how the egovpmc and pmcelection.com sites were messed up during election time.

PMTPune.org looks and feels much better. However great care needs to be taken to keep PMT staff interested and involved in the project, becasue if they stop cooperating, PmtPune.org could be another failed venture like egovpmc.