Pune Corporation Budget 07-08 – Suggest development projects for your ward

A few days back I wrote about the the Pune Corporation’s announcement about the city budget for 2007-2008 being a participatory one. Citizens can suggest development activities in their ward for upto Rs. 20 lakhs.

4th of March is the last day to submit recommendations. As 4th is a Sunday I am told that the date has been extended to the 5th of March.

I attended a meet about this topic organized by Grahak Panchayat a few days back and got the form that needs to be used. Today I submitted my suggestions to the ward office for my area located at Ghole Road.

I think this is a great initiative and I can’t see any good reason to not make good use of the scheme. The form filling will take 10 minutes at most and it took about 2 minutes to submit the form at the ward office.

1) Project Suggestions Form
2) Presentation about the scheme and objectives

You can get more info at http://www.janwani.org/budget/

Janwani also has appointed coordinators who can help you with the form and recommendations. You can find their list here.

So if there’s a pressing issue in your area, like the absence of a footpath, street lights, garbage disposal, etc. download the form and submit it ASAP.

Even if you are reading this after the 5th of March, do call the ward office and see if they will still accept your recommendation, they just might.

PS – Egovpmc.com as always has failed to carry any info about the scheme.