Presenting On Groovy, Grails and Struts at JAX India

Sessions on Groovy, Grails and Struts at JAX India ConferenceThe JAX India conference has got some great names and many interesting sessions listed. Do check it out. is a media partner of the event and you will get all the updates from the conference at

My sessions –

Hope to see you at JAX.

I also would be around at JavaOne and Oracle Develop (Bangalore). So a lot of conferencing lined up.

  • tarungupta

    Hey Guys,
    Author of More Servlets and JSP, Marty Hall is coming to Bangalore this April to speak on Choosing an Ajax/JavaScript Toolkit: A Comparison of the Most Popular JavaScript Libraries, Pure Java Ajax: An Overview of GWT 2.0, Integrated Ajax Support in JSF 2.0 and Ajax Support in the Prototype JavaScript Library. You can get more information on developersummit dot com