The reason for migrating from India is not money or career, but a loss of faith in India

Leaving home for foreign shores - Herald Column 17-Mar-07“My column in the Herald dated 17th March 2007”

A few days back, a friend told me about his plans to head for a foreign country because he has had
enough of India. He isn’t one of the ‘crazy about US’ kinds who think that all things American are
cool or who only talks about English music and Hollywood. He is as connected to India as most of us.
Yet he is convinced that he has to move out of India.

That discussion has got me thinking about the topic of young Indians migrating from India. This article is my attempt to put down the various factors that are at work in this matter. I will discuss the history of Indian migrations and then look at why people migrate and why they don’t. If you are expecting a yes or no answer about migrating, I unfortunately can’t provide that.

Although I am taking an Indian perspective, I think most points would be relevant to all developing nations.

Also please note that I am trying to take an objective view on the subject and not a patriotic or
emotional one

(Continued… Click here “Leaving home for foreign shores” for the entire article). Published as part of my fortnightly column for the Maharashtra Herald)