Royal Challengers Is Obvious Surrogate Advertising For Alcohol

It’s good to know that the Health Minister has challenged the name of the Bangalore Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket team, “Royal Challengers”. It’s however sad that it takes the Health Minister of the country to speak up before the authorities looked at such an obvious and blatant form of surrogate advertising for liquor brand “Royal Challenge“.

The ads for the Royal Challengers team on TV and in the stadium are being tailored to promote the alcohol brand. I wonder if team members like Dravid and Kumble who have always stayed away from promoting any tobacco and alcohol brands in the past had expressed their reservations in private. Also I had expected some criticism from Bangalore / Bengaluru, because a popular whisky brand representing the city isn’t very cool.

Drinking has traditionally been discouraged in Indian households however the trend has been changing with fashion drinking on the rise. A proactive anti-tobacco and alcohol health minister I guess is good for the country as a majority of other social problems spawn from alcoholism.

Prohibition definitely won’t work but making smoking and drinking uncool will get Indian society great results in the long run.

>> The Supreme Court of India has since pointed out that the team was not named ‘Royal Challenge’ , the liquor brand, but ‘”Royal Challengers. ‘Only those who drink can be attracted by these things,’ the bench observed in a lighter vein, alluding to the fact that a name would not have any effect on non-drinkers.

>> How could I have missed the ‘r’ and ‘s’ in the name. Also existing drinkers being encouraged to drink even more seems to be fine.