Terror Attacks – Why Ahmedabad? Why Bangalore? Why India?

Terror Attacks In Ahmedabad Bangalore Cities In IndiaIndia has again seen a painful chapter of bombings. Over 20 bombs targeted the Indian cities of Bangalore and Ahmadabad and killed 10s of innocent civilians and injured 100s.

While I feel very sad and rattled by the developments, I also fail to make sense of them. I only have questions for the militants on a killing spree and also questions for myself and all Indians.

* Why attack a country that’s willing to listen?
* Why attack your own people?
* Why attack a land that treats all religions equally?
* Why kill innocent people who have had no hand or thought in any said oppression you oppose?
* Why attack a country that is least interested in invading another or occupying a foreign land?
* Why attack people who don’t believe in spreading a religion or rule?
* Why attack a democracy where everyone has their say?
* Why can’t we talk and resolve matters?
* Why hurt the economy and take food off the plates of thousands of poor?
* Why stop the growth and prosperity that finally seems just around the corner for the millions of Indians * who have suffered for generations?
* Why not use your vote to initiate change?
* Why? Why? Why?

  1. Are we listening to the the voices of all those angry or unhappy in India?
  2. Are we pushing these people into a corner?
  3. Are we letting a few bad apples spoil the entire truckload?
  4. Are we going to unleash retaliatory violence and aggression? Will it really help? Or will it just get us into a vicious cycle?
  5. Are  we going very wrong with the way our democracy and our country works?
  6. Are we wrong in not being aggressive?
  7. Are we destined to see more such carnage?
  8. Are we being unfair to future generations to force them into an increasingly unsafe India? The present generation has carried the burden of the hatred and violence from the partition of the country in 1947. Will future generations suffer from our mistakes today?
  9. Are we too soft? How can we let a few misguided men bring grief to thousands?
  10. Are we to blame or is it our leaders / administration …Who?
  11. Are we on the verge of a time of hatred and violence?
  12. Are we too tolerant? We accept militancy and we also accept remarkable incompetence from our police, administration and political system?
  13. Are we wrong in considering this an India problem and not a global problem we need to intervene in?

Just some random thoughts and questions…. Hopefully will also have some answers soon..

Finally, my condolences to all the families that have suffered in the bombings. My heart felt wishes for a brighter tomorrow for them all.