Tendulkar Creates Something That Would Last For Centuries

Tendulkar today created something that might well last for 100s of years. No, not the record for the highest number of runs in Test cricket

Sachin Tendulkar today gave a super quote. When asked about the severe criticism he has faced in recent times, he said “Success is about turning those stones (thrown at you) into milestones”. Though not known for his ability to provide quotable quotes, I think Sachin Tendulkar might just have given the English language a quote that would last for centuries. I did some searches and don’t see this line attributed to anyone else.

So you might well have people in say the year 2200 use the line “Success is about turning stones into milestones” and know nothing about a certain Sachin Tendulkar who coined the line in 2008.

Finally, heartiest congratulations to Sachin, the special son of India on reaching the zenith of the sport of cricket. There are many things apart from his cricket that are admirable about the little man. Except for his apparent following of some hocus pocus god men, can’t think of anything about him that’s not admirable. He’s certainly one of the very few people in public life that Indians respect and look up to. Wishing him the very best!