Compare Candidates Contesting In India Elections 2009

In a previous post “Wealth & Assets Of Candidates“, I mentioned how you can access the affidavits filed by the election candidates.  However there’s an easier way than having to go through the affidavits of all candidates. Check out The site provides an easy and tabular comparison of the various candidates contesting in a constituency.

This is no simple task as the Election commission only makes the PDFs of the affidavits available. The EC  seems to have no data in a tabular and easy to process form. So the team would have had to go through 100s of barely legible affidavits in many languages to come up with the comparison tables. They currently have data for 1815 candidates in India and 242 candidates in Maharashtra, however Mumbai and Pune are missing as of 17th April.

BTW this is the same site that Aamir Khan is advertising on TV. Unfortunately the TV ad shows the URLs and , both URLs are almost impossible to recall if you don’t note them down when you see the ad. Strange that the ad makers missed this crucial point.