Pune Loksabha Elections – Top 6 Candidates Overview

Below are my short takeaways about who I think are the top 6 candidates. There are 10s of candidates contesting for the Pune seat, so there could be other worthy candidates, unfortunately I haven’t heard of them.

  1. Mr. Arun Bhatia [People’s Guardian Party (PGP) ]
    He says that if people believe that their mainstream political leaders are corrupt why can’t they vote for honesty. He promises to stop the plunder of Pune and bring citizen empowerment and clean governance
    Profession – Retired IPS Officer
  2. Mr. Vikram Bokey (Independent)
    Says that with his IPS and police experience he can fix Pune’s problems in 6 months. Is being supported by the Professionals Party
    Profession – Retired IPS, NGO Organic farming
  3. Mr. Suresh Kalmadi [Indian National Congress (INC)]
    He claims to have got large amount of funds for Pune and fueled its growth over the past 5 years. Says that he will continue on the same path and bring more funds and progress to Pune. Says that voting for him will get a stable and secular government for India. Profession – Former pilot , now business.
  4. Mr. D S Kulkarni [Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ]
    Says he is a common man who has now joined politics as he was fed up of the same old politicians making the same promises and not delivering. Says that he will bring progress and justice to all communities. Profession – Builder
  5. Mr. Anil Shirole [Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)]
    Blames the current MP for the downfall of Pune. Says he will turn things around. Says voting for him will ensure a development and security of India. Profession – Business.
  6. Mr. Ranjit Shirole [Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS) ]
    He says that being a young candidate he has a good understanding of today’s Pune and can do far better work for Pune’s development than other candidates. He says that he will ensure that  Marathi language, culture and pride is protected. Profession – Business

* sorted by last name