Pune Election Results – Final Vote Count

The final vote count for the Pune Loksabha election is now available. Sitting MP, Suresh Kalmadi of the Congress has managed to retain the Pune seat by a margin of about 25000 votes.

  1. Kalmadi Suresh (Winner)     INC     279897 votes
  2. Anil Shirole     BJP     254150 votes
  3. Shirole Ranjeet Shrikant     MNS     75885 votes
  4. D S K Alias D.s.kulkarni     BSP     62963 votes
  5. Arun Bhatia     PG     30329 votes


  1. While Ranjeet Shirole was expected to poll a significant number of votes, 75000+ votes for the MNS shows that in just a few years the MNS has become a force to reckon with in Maharashtra.
  2. I was expecting DSK and Arun Bhatia to poll more votes than they actually did.
  3. Bhatia had over 60000 votes in 2004, so his votes have halved this time, which is quite surprising.
  4. BSP had got just 9000 votes in 2004, so although the 63000 for DSK is a big gain over 2004, I had though he would get more than that number.
  5. As expected, the vote count and percentage for the Congress and BJP have dropped as compared to 2004. This is primarily because there was more choice available this time round.
  6. The win margin is also much lower than 2004.

Most analysts have attributed the MNS for the Shiv Sena-BJP fall in Maharashtra. If we presume that even 70% of MNS votes in Pune were formerly ShivSena-BJP votes, I guess Anil Shirole can attribute his defeat to the MNS.

However the fact of the matter is that all these votes and percentages no longer matter. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, so it’s five more years of Suresh Kalmadi and the Congress for Pune. One wishes the best for the MP and hopes that he brings growth, development and an improvement in the standard of living of Puneites.

This was the first national election that I closely followed and blogged about. I hope my readers found my election posts useful. I sure enjoyed writing them.


Election Results – Votes Table – Pune, Maharashtra: Election Results
Total Votes –

Candidate Party Votes Rank

Anil Shirole BJP 254150 2
Kalmadi Suresh
INC 279897 1
D S K Alias D.s.kulkarni BSP 62963 4
Arun Bhatia PG 30329 5
Gulab Tatya Waghmode BBM 2353
Bagban Javed Kasim IUML 606
Vikramaditya Omprakash Dhiman RSPS 451
Vinod Anand Sinh PTSS 804
Shirole Ranjeet Shrikant MNS 75885 3
Savita Hajare PPOI 394
Sangharsh Arun Apte PRCP 805
Ajay Vasant Paithankar IND 259
Adagale Bhausaheb Ramchandra IND 315
Ashok Ganpat Palkhe Alias Sutar IND 341
Kamtam Iswar Sambhayya IND 1160
Kulkarni Kaustubh Shashikant IND 1037
Khan Amanulla Mohmod Al IND 1556
Khan Nissar Taj Ahmad IND 447
P. K. Chavan IND 271
Choudhari Sunil Gulabrao IND 290
Choure Vilas Chintaman IND 350
Tatya Alias Narayan Shankar Wambhire IND 609
Tamboli Shabbir Sajjanbhai IND 295
Dattatraya Ganesh Talgeri IND 379
Bagade Sachin Maruti IND 456
Balu Alias Anil Shirole IND 1150
Bharat Manohar Gavali IND 265
Bhagwat Raghunath Kamble IND 349
Rajendra Bhagat Alias Jitu Bhai IND 453
Vikram Narendra Boke IND 1136
Shinde Rajendra Baburao IND 449
Shaikh Altaf Karim IND 327
Shrikant Madhusudan Jagtap IND 149
Sardesai Kishorkumar Raghunath IND 328
Adv.subhash Narhar Godse IND 247
Santosh Alias Somnath Kalu Pawar IND 376

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