Voter List Search – Candidate Affidavits – Maharashtra State Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections

Most of the sites that provided election voter list search for the 2009 Loksabha elections seem to have bombed for the Maharashtra State Elections.

Voter List Search

At last check, you can search the voter list for Maharashtra at –

You can also find links to the district level site for your district at In most cases the URL format is So for Pune it is On these sites you will find the entire lists for the district. Not an easy task to locate your name but if you even know the list number for anyone in your society or area, you should find your name in the same list.

Candidate List – Affidavits

Compared to the multi millionaires that contested the LokSabha elections, the assembly elections are being contested by fairly poor folk.  However before you vote for someone, it is definitely a good idea to have a look at the affidavit filed by the person. The affidavits provide information on not just the financial background of the person but also his overall academic & social background.

Visit for all affidavits from across the state. The local district level sites are also carrying the affidavits in PDF form. The Pune candidate affidavits can be found at