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IndicThreads, a technology media pioneer, creators of the software developer portal & the IndicThreads Technology Conferences, announces the  launch of  ‘IndicThreads Education‘ a novel initiative in business & technology education. The courses are path-breaking in their content  & way ahead of their time as compared to curriculum of traditional education courses in India.

IndicThreads Education kicks off with three courses, all of which are a first for education in India – 1) Internet For Business & Development 2) Internet Entrepreneurship 3) Information Technology Security & Compliance

Internet For Business Development

Internet EntrepreneurshipHarshad Oak, co-founder of IndicThreads and a well known technologist says – “The Internet For Business Development course was conceptualised from our observation that there was a vast chasm between what the Internet can do for business development and what businesses actually understand & use the Internet for. In today’s age, not using Internet tools & techniques like blogging, online advertising, search engines, twitter & facebook for business development is as good as a business development crime. Unfortunately most Indian businesses are committing this crime and are missing out on an enormous opportunity for growth.”

The Internet For Business Development course enables professionals to understand, learn and implement important Internet concepts in the world of business development and Public Relations. It prepares the student to harness the power of technology and the Internet to deliver better sales, stronger brands & a larger customer base for the enterprise.

Traditional MBAs & business education fail to prepare students to leverage the power of the Internet and find novel Internet centric solutions for the challenges that come up. This seriously weakens their potential to deliver value to their companies. The course is a great skill add-on for professionals as well as management students.

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Internet Entrepreneurship

Internet EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship today has captured the imagination of the Indian youth. Students as well as professionals dream of getting out of jobs and working for themselves and of creating the next Google and EBay. To create an Internet business, the entrepreneur needs to have a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm. However, besides passion, the element that’s vital for the success of an Internet business is the indepth knowledge of how online businesses are conceptualized, created, popularized and monetized. While some business fundamentals stay the same for offline and online businesses, it is imperative that an entrepreneur understands how an Internet business is different and how to run it differently.

Sangeeta Oak, co-founder IndicThreads says, -“Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we learnt a lot the hard way. We know the joy and pain of being Internet entrepreneurs. We felt there was a real need to crystallise our learning into a concrete structure. We were helped in this endeavour by successful entrepreneurs and techies, many of whom form our fantastic faculty. The Internet Entrepreneurship course is a ‘no fluff just stuff’ kind of hands-on guide for starting, driving & growing an Internet business.

While the focus of the course is on Internet Business specific skills, it also covers core business skills that are vital to all businesses.

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IT Security & Compliance

IT Security, Audit & ComplianceIT surveys & research repeatedly highlight that IT & Data Security continues to be one of the top concerns for businesses today. Businesses today operate in complex environments with ever increasing use of technology. To ensure efficiency and accuracy in information systems and for prevention of fraudulent practices, businesses require their information systems and processes to be audited. Stakeholders also need assurance of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Amita Moghe is a Director at IndicThreads Education & conceptualised the course. She is a post graduate from Eastern Michigan University, US and worked with big four companies like Ernst and Young and KPMG before she ventured into the field of education. She feels that “IT & Data Security today cannot be taken for granted and left up to a few networking or security consultants. IT Security has to be woven into the core business processes of an enterprise. It is most vital that a business thinks in terms of creating a pool of trained risk managers, internal auditors, analysts and information security professionals to manage their information security needs.”

The IT Security and Compliance course designed by IndicThreads Education enables students to learn security concepts and understand how IT related risks can be minimised through security and control measures. The course also looks at the important regulatory requirements that need to be complied with by modern businesses. The course aims to provide the crucial mix of real-world learning and theory concepts in the domain of IT Security.

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Future Direction

While IndicThreads Education starts off with three ground breaking courses on Internet & IT Security, several new courses are in the pipeline, all with a singular focus to bring fresh new thinking and learning on business & technology matters.

Information on location, course content and admissions can be found on the IndicThreads Education website

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