Protest Pune Corporation Leasing Out Public Properties for 99 years

If you wish to oppose Pune Corporation leasing out public properties for 99 years, you can use the format below & mail your protest to to Sorry to be posting this rather late. The last date for submitting your protest is 5pm today (3rd Dec). But it should take you just 10 seconds to mail. Copy draft below, edit as you find appropriate & fire your mail to PMC. Once all our public lands are leased out for 99 years, there’s no going back!

For more info on the issue just do a google search or I had tweeted at length about this from a recent Sajag Nagrik Manch meet at

Format Courtesy : Mr. Jugal Rathi

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From: <Your name& email>

Date: Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 10:13 PM
Subject: Objection to lease out corporation owned properties for 99 years.


Additional commissioner

Pune Municipal Corporation


Sub : Objection to lease out corporation owned properties for 99 years.

Dear Sir,

As per the provision in property allotment rules Part VI Sec 2, 3 & 5 the properties owned by PMC can be leased out for maximum period of 30 years. PMC has proposed to amend the said rule so as to lease out the property for maximum 99 years. for this proposed change objections / suggestions are Invited by PMC. Here are my objections

1. Leasing of property for such longer period amounts to indirect sell and lease becomes irrevocable & perpetual.

2. Today PMC has no updated list of properties owned by it and even the properties which are currently leased out are fetching meagre rent amount for PMC ( 10 % of market rate ) . Surprisingly PMC administration is unable to recover even this meagre rent for years together ; hence it has no right to lease out properties for 99 years.

3. The reason why this proposal has propped up is to facilitate Wakadewadi PMC Colony Development . PMC budget is 3000 Crs. and this project requires hardly 30 Crs. PMC can raise loans if required and develop this property and lease out the remaining commercial newly built structure for 5 years term at a time at prevalent market rate so that they can pay the bank installment directly ( any way builder will be doing the same thing )

Considering above we strongly object the proposal of leasing out corporation properties for 99 years ; and we suggect that no property should be leased out for more than 5 years and that too at market rate with 10 % increase in rent per annum condition.


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