Please Search That Diplomat

The Indian media has been making a fuss about Indian diplomats being searched by US airport security. I honestly do not understand what the big deal is, if these people were being searched based purely on suspicion & not based on any racist or discriminatory reasons.

Consider this – You are on a flight from NewYork  & were told that there are 100 diplomats on the same flight who have come in from some UN session. Would you be worried if these diplomats have all bypassed search procedures while you & other lesser mortals had gone through several levels & series of searches. I certainly would be worried & would prefer to fly with ordinary mortals who have all gone through proper security checks.

So instead of making a fuss about diplomats being searched, I believe the right thing to do is exactly the opposite. The search personnel should be unaware of whether someone is a diplomat, president, prime minister… He /She should search based only on suspicion & any prior intelligence reports.

X-ray machines and metal detectors are used to...
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My request to the Indian media is to stop making up stories about objects of false pride. In India today, where there’s hardly any trust or respect for the bureaucracy & the political establishment, how come they suddenly become objects of great national pride when searched for security reasons?

If the search can be termed as racism or discrimination, it definitely should be protested against. However if a diplomat’s actions are suspicious or there are some related intelligence reports, please search / scan that suspect diplomat.