SlideShare: How to Add an event, Add presentations to that event & Embed all presentations on your website

Slideshare has a remarkably twisted way to create an event, add presentations to it and then get a widget with all presentations from that event. I have created many IndicThreads events on Slideshare and yet I struggle with it every time I need to create a new one. I faced the same issues again while creating an events page for our upcoming Cloud Computing Conference in June.

So thought I should at least put up this rather raw post in the hope that it would help someone (including me in the future) facing a similar situation. Also hopefully Slideshare would see this and fix things.

  • Login
  • To add an event you have to go to and click on “Add An Event”. Note that you cannot add an event from “My Events” page for your account<yourusername>/events or any other page. is the only place where I see an “Add an event” link.
  • You cannot upload presentations from the events page such that they would automatically get associated with an event. You need to upload in the usual way, followed by having to explicitly & tediously having to link each presentation with the event.
  • The worst part was finding the code for getting a widget to embed all presentations for the event on my website. Took me ages to find that this was hidden away in a Widgets for your blog link at the bottom of the page. You cannot get here from the main events page, your events page, individual slides page or any other page. Why? Beats me, ask Slideshare.

If someone from Slideshare is reading this, please fix asap.

BTW this is the status as of 12th May 2011. If you don’t face the issues above (lucky you) that’s maybe cause the folks at Slideshare read this post & fixed the matter 🙂