Evolution, Science & Education in India

I have always admired how Indians seemed to have accepted and understood evolution better than most developed nations. I used to attribute it to Indian belief systems being more flexible and not as bound by scriptures.

But then the country’s education minister said this yesterday… “Nobody, including our ancestors, have said or written that they ever saw an ape turning into a human being.” and later called for removal of evolution theory from textbooks! #FacePalm

So thought of penning this quick note.  Hope to soon enhance this piece or write a new detailed piece based on my understanding of evolution.

Questioning is at the core of science. So the minister has every right to question evolution. Unfortunately, as education minister, he should be better informed about the ample evidence in favour of the theory of evolution!

Do watch this video, as it explains in simple terms why no ape suddenly transformed into a human and why there was no first human!


I would also recommend Dawkin’s book and talks titled “The Magic of Reality”.

BTW, macaques, chimps and gorillas are NOT our ancestors.  But we do all share a common ancestor.

To me, the more worrying part of this fiasco is that it yet again exposes how Indian education system teaches the ways of science but not the underlying scientific thinking.

So unfortunately highly educated, but unscientific and superstitious doctors, engineers and even scientists are more the norm than the exception in India 🙁