India Election Results – Election Commission Website Links

The results of Indian General Elections will be available on the Election Commission Of India site from 8 am on 16th May 2009. Certain pages of the site are already throwing server runtime errors, so it looks unlikely that the site will survive the hammering it will get through counting day tomorrow.

I am expecting the server running the site homepage to crumble under the load, so am listing internal site URLs below. Hopefully some of the links below will work tomorrow. Read more

India Loksabha Election Results 2009 : Exit Polls Summary

16 May 09 Update:


Below is a summary of exit poll predictions for India Election Results 2009. However looking at the dismal record of opinion and exit polls in India, we need to look at these numbers more as entertainment than information. Can’t really blame the pollsters as conducting representative sample polls in a country of the size and diversity of India seems almost like an impossible task. Read more

Election Results – Pune Loksabha Elections 2009

Update: 2012 Pune Corporation Elections Results

The election results for the India General Elections 2009 will be announced on the 16th of May. Pune city voted long back, on the 23rd of April 09. So it’s going to beĀ  a long wait before we know if the candidate we voted for will actually make it to the LokSabha, the House Of the People and the lower house of the Parliament Of India. Read more

Google Creates India Loksabha Elections 2009 Website

Google and Hindustan Times have created a very useful site where you can get the latest election news, MP profiles, constituency statistics, candidate quotes, polling booth locations and more, all personalized to your location. Just specify your city or town, and get election information relevant to you. Read more

Voter Apathy Or Election Commission Incompetence?

At just 40%, Pune saw it’s worst ever voter turnout for the Loksabha elections. Mumbai was slightly better at 44%. The dismal voter turnout numbers have shocked most of educated India. Political leaders are smirking on TV saying things like “You blame us politicians for not caring about the country, but even the ordinary citizen does not care.” I have no insider info on the matter, but am just trying to apply some common sense to figure out what could have gone wrong. Read more

Finalizing My Vote For India Loksabha Election 2009

Doing some final checks before I finalize the candidate I would be voting for in tomorrows election. Just visited the websites of all the top candidates to check if they have something new to say. Nothing new there. A couple of sites seem to have actually gone down. Next looking at for a quick and easy to read synopsis of the affidavits filed by the Pune Loksabha candidates. The details of 3 candidates including BJP’s Anil Shirole are missing from the sheet. Read more

Pune Loksabha Elections – Top 6 Candidates Overview

Below are my short takeaways about who I think are the top 6 candidates. There are 10s of candidates contesting for the Pune seat, so there could be other worthy candidates, unfortunately I haven’t heard of them. Read more