SlideShare: How to Add an event, Add presentations to that event & Embed all presentations on your website

Slideshare has a remarkably twisted way to create an event, add presentations to it and then get a widget with all presentations from that event. I have created many IndicThreads events on Slideshare and yet I struggle with it every time I need to create a new one. I faced the same issues again while creating an events page for our upcoming Cloud Computing Conference in June.

So thought I should at least put up this rather raw post in the hope that it would help someone (including me in the future) facing a similar situation. Also hopefully Slideshare would see this and fix things. Read more

Mobile Software Development

My recent presentation (Jan 2011) on Mobile Software Development at the RSS IT Milan held in Pune. The event was targeted at college students and so the presentation is meant for students and those just starting off with mobile software development.

You can find many more presentations on specific mobile software development technologies at the website for the annual IndicThreads Conference On Mobile Software Development that’s held in Pune, India. Read more

Internet For Business Development

My presentation on ‘Internet For Business Development’ at Barcamp Pune, Nov 2009. The learning was part of my preparations while designing the Internet For Business Development & Internet Entrepreneurship course for IndicThreads Education.The session gives an overview of how the Internet has changed business and business development activities forever & how today’s entrepreneurs & business development professionals need to harness the power of technology and the Internet to deliver better sales, stronger brands & a larger customer base for the enterprise.

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Google Creates India Loksabha Elections 2009 Website

Google and Hindustan Times have created a very useful site where you can get the latest election news, MP profiles, constituency statistics, candidate quotes, polling booth locations and more, all personalized to your location. Just specify your city or town, and get election information relevant to you. Read more

Facebook : “Push To Open”

A couple of days back, I wrote about Facebook vs Orkut, where I talked about the rapidly growing popularity of Facebook in India. However despite the success and popularity of Facebook, I haven’t been able to get comfortable with Facebook and get truly on-board. A few reasons why I somehow feel rather wary of Facebook. Read more

Fading Orkut – Rising Facebook

Orkut has easily been the most popular social network in India for the past few years. However things are changing and Facebook seems to now have replaced Orkut as the happening network. Orkut users are seemingly migrating in herds to Facebook. Orkut seems to have become the network for kids and newbies while Facebook has become the place where the supposedly smart, rich, famous and influential are active. From movie stars to politicians, they all refer to Facebook as their social network of choice.

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Facebook Privacy Settings Are Unfair And Intentionally Complex

I am not a very active Facebook user, but I am amazed at the number and frequency of alerts and updates I keep getting from friends and family. I doubt if these friends are aware that even their micro changes and activities on Facebook are being splashed on the screens of all their friends. These alerts sure are the life blood of a networking site and without them sites like Orkut and Facebook would never have been the phenomenons that they are. However shouldn’t the user have a real and simple option to go private?

Keeping your profile updates private and controlling the overall privacy of you profile and applications is relatively simple on Orkut. However Facebook seems to have intentionally made it difficult for users to manage their privacy settings.

There’s an option “Privacy Settings” that provides only partial privacy control. It controls the privacy of only the core profile and stuff and even within this there are multiple options and confusing screens thrown at the user so as to prevent the user from going private.

Facebook Privacy Unfriendly

Applications that you install on Facebook are a major privacy headache. You have separate sections to control privacy of applications that your friends can use to access your profile and for applications that you yourself have installed. By default each new application you install starts of privacy unfriendly.

Click these links to control your Facebook privacy. Don’t forget to edit each application and set it’s privacy settings.

  1. (On this page ensure that you open and edit each application and tab provided. There’s no easy way to go private on all applications.)

Overall, I think these are bad policies that Facebook needs to fix asap. By providing privacy settings and then making them hopelessly complex, they are trying to project that the users have total control over their privacy when in reality 99.9% of users are totally at the mercy of Facebook.

What Facebook should have is a simple, single screen settings page and one button that says “Go Private” or something like that, which will disable all updates and alerts throughout Facebook as well as all applications.

Considering that privacy is a big concern, especially in the US and the developed world; I am surprised that privacy activists haven’t protested against these Facebook policies as yet.

Lord Ganesha Causes You Telecom Internet Failure

You Telecom’s internet connectivity in Pune has been pathetic for the past 4 – 5 days. I have rarely managed to connect and despite repeated complaints, nothing has been done in the matter as yet. However just now I happened to see the You Telecom website and realized that You Telecom was not to blame and it was only god’s wish that citizens of Pune do not get Internet access.

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