Oracle Java Cloud Service Article In Java Magazine

Oracle Java Cloud Article - java MagazineGetting Onboard Oracle Java Cloud Service” . My article about the Oracle Java Cloud Service in the latest Java Magazine issue (June 2016) .

My earlier Java Cloud articles in Java Magazine talked of what’s now known as the Oracle Java Cloud SaaS Extension. The newer ‘full’ Java Cloud Service has a lot more to offer.

Curiously, my bio in this article has missed out on mentioning my book on the Oracle Java Cloud 🙂

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My Java Magazine Feature, Cloud Article – JavaOne Interview

Feature from Java Magazine (March-April 2013) and video from JavaOne India 2013. Article on the Oracle Java Cloud in the Sep-Oct 2013 issue. Continue reading “My Java Magazine Feature, Cloud Article – JavaOne Interview”

Interview About Java at JavaOne India, 2011

Embedded below is a video of a short interview I did with the Oracle Asia Pacific team at JavaOne India, which was held in Hyderabad in May 2011. I answered questions on Java today, Java Enterprise & Java for Cloud Computing.

I also presented a session “An independent, ‘ear to the ground’ report on Java” at the same conference. I will soon be posting an article based on that presentation at

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Mobile Software Development

My recent presentation (Jan 2011) on Mobile Software Development at the RSS IT Milan held in Pune. The event was targeted at college students and so the presentation is meant for students and those just starting off with mobile software development.

You can find many more presentations on specific mobile software development technologies at the website for the annual IndicThreads Conference On Mobile Software Development that’s held in Pune, India. Continue reading “Mobile Software Development”

Cloud Computing Conference, India – Speaker & Sessions International Conference On Cloud Computing will be held on 20-,21 August in Pune, India. The conference aims to demystify cloud computing & discuss migrating & implementing cloud solutions Continue reading “Cloud Computing Conference, India – Speaker & Sessions”

Trends In Software Development For The Java Platform

I recently gave a 15 min presentation followed by Q&A on “Trends In Software Development On The Java platform” at the Computer Society of India, (CSI Pune) InCSIghts conference. Slides below. The trends I touched upon 1) Power To Choose 2) Java Platform & not the Java language Is Java’s primary identify going forward 3) Convention Over Configuration 4) Mobile Apps Show Rapid Growth 5) Agile is moving from small companies & geeks to the mainstream. Continue reading “Trends In Software Development For The Java Platform”