Degeneration Of Sports Clubs – Dogs & Indians Not Allowed!

I have been frequenting multiple Pune sports clubs over the past two decades. So I have kind of been a witness to how sports establishments seem to have moved from being open, sports centers to elitist recreation clubs. It seems like it will only be a matter of time before a “Dogs & Indians Not Allowed*” kind of board gets put up at these clubs. Through this blog, I hope to highlight what I think has gone wrong and some possible solutions.

This blog is primarily based on Deccan Gymkhana and PYC Gymkhana in Pune, as those are the clubs where I have spent most time over the past 20 years. However I believe most of the points below would apply to many such clubs across India. Continue reading “Degeneration Of Sports Clubs – Dogs & Indians Not Allowed!”

Water Cuts TimeTable & Water Crisis Predictions 201’x’

By studying data over several years, Oak Labs has come out with the following predictions & timetable for Pune Water Cuts (Crisis). This timetable has been drawn up in 2012 but will apply just as well till the year 2019.

Predictions from 2020 onwards were found to be unsuitable for publication, fearing widespread unrest and law & order issues.

You can change the names & tweak the dates for these predictions to apply to any other city in India.

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Letter To MEA Following My Ordeal For Passport Reissue At The Pune Passport Office

With reference to contact information at, have sent the email below to ascpv.twitter AT CCed to jsxp AT , usxps AT . Link for information sent via twitter to @ForeignSecNRao  , @VPrakashMea , @IndianDiplomacy @ASCPV.

I will update the article / the comments section if & when I get a reply from the ministry.

*Update 10th June : ASCPV has forwarded to Pune RPO & jsxp.mea has forwarded to M.Pardeshi. No comment or regret as yet.
*Update 22nd June: – No response from MEA as yet. Have sent a reminder tweet. Will send a reminder mail next week.
*Update 29th June: No reply yet. Sent a followup email to the concerned officials.
*Update 30Dec12: A blog about the new Pune Passport office.

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Protest Pune Corporation Leasing Out Public Properties for 99 years

If you wish to oppose Pune Corporation leasing out public properties for 99 years, you can use the format below & mail your protest to to Sorry to be posting this rather late. The last date for submitting your protest is 5pm today (3rd Dec). But it should take you just 10 seconds to mail. Copy draft below, edit as you find appropriate & fire your mail to PMC. Once all our public lands are leased out for 99 years, there’s no going back!

For more info on the issue just do a google search or I had tweeted at length about this from a recent Sajag Nagrik Manch meet at Continue reading “Protest Pune Corporation Leasing Out Public Properties for 99 years”

Lavasa City – Scam Or Development?

I attended an event titled the “Lavasa Mahaghotala Sabha” or the “Lavasa Scam Meet” on 27 Nov 2010. This event was meant to launch a widespread protest against the Lavasa project. The speakers at the meet were prominent social activists Medha Patkar, Anna Hazare & many others linked to the protest. I have live tweeted at length at (tweets reproduced at end of article) about who said what at the meet. Thought it would make more sense to go beyond the tweets & blog my take on Lavasa.  Continue reading “Lavasa City – Scam Or Development?”

Frankfurt Airport Incident – Ignorant / Insensitive / Rude Or Racist?

I recently traveled to the US and back to India. On my way to San Francisco I had a connecting flight at Frankfurt, Germany. The following is an experience at Frankfurt that I can’t quite categorize. Is it ignorance / insensitivity / rudeness / racism or maybe even an over reaction on my part? Continue reading “Frankfurt Airport Incident – Ignorant / Insensitive / Rude Or Racist?”

Voter Apathy Or Election Commission Incompetence?

At just 40%, Pune saw it’s worst ever voter turnout for the Loksabha elections. Mumbai was slightly better at 44%. The dismal voter turnout numbers have shocked most of educated India. Political leaders are smirking on TV saying things like “You blame us politicians for not caring about the country, but even the ordinary citizen does not care.” I have no insider info on the matter, but am just trying to apply some common sense to figure out what could have gone wrong. Continue reading “Voter Apathy Or Election Commission Incompetence?”

Does the government have the right to refuse security to an Indian citizen or business?

The Indian Premier League security fiasco had me wondering if it is within the Indian constitution for a government to refuse security to a legal Indian citizen or enterprise. I am no constitution expert, but I would expect providing security of life and property to it’s citizens to be one of the founding principles of the constitution. It is the primary job of the government and there’s no way it can shirk the responsibility. If a government says that it lacks the ability to provide security to its citizens and enterprise, is it legal for the government to continue in power?

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