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The Case Of The Missing Paisa

I get into arguments at billing counters so frequently these days that I wonder if it has subconsciously become one of my favourite pastimes. I have a fairly wide range of causes for these disputes. However the most common cause … Continue reading

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Indian Sport of Spitting On The Streets Needs To Get Its Due Recognition

“World Spitathon Champs” Indians might have the strongest lungs on the planet. Not because of any genetic reasons but because of the exercise that they make their lungs undergo by firing spit missiles every couple of minutes. Across the country … Continue reading

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No VIPs – Time For An Equality Of Citizens Act

The chiefs of the 3 armed forces were recently exempted from security checks at airports. In the build up to this decision, you got quotes like “It is a shame that India cannot accord a small privilege for those who … Continue reading

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Modern Day Maharajas?

Post the T20 world cup, Dhoni is said to be making crores more and every other cricketer is making lakhs more. Good for them and best wishes to them. However something that isn’t good for us, is how our tax … Continue reading

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Measuring Social Unrest – Revolutionary new OakTyre scale shows the true impact of protests

Everyday we read stories about protests in the country where buses are burnt, trains are stopped, public and private property is damaged and so on. However one often feels that the creators of these protests do not get due credit … Continue reading

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Using The Right To Information At The Pune City Corporation Office

For several years I have been planning to use the Right To Information (RTI) to get information and facts on things that bother me in the city. I read up on the subject, talked with friends, blogged about it, but … Continue reading

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Creating a competing and city friendly ganesh festival

With the new format, the city would benefit in many ways other than the obvious traffic benefit. The police would have a far easier time securing a few grounds. Adequate security will also get families and women actively participating in the event. Citizens can choose to be a part of the festival and not have the festival forced on them. Mandals will have to be creative to be able to stand out and shine. The city could generate employment and revenues in many direct and indirect forms. Some portion of revenues should be ploughed back into improvement of infrastructure at the grounds that are used. The event could become a major tourist highlight not just for Maharashtra
but for India.

Continue reading

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Politicians and the government needs to catch up to 21st century presentation technology

There have been a few changes over time. Dr. Kalam presenting his 2020 vision, the
effective ads for the polio and the “school chale hum” campaigns are some instances
that come to mind. But these are the very few exceptions. By and large state
communication and especially political communication is unimaginative. While many
aspects of India are catching up to the year 2007, the government and political
establishment still seems comfortably trapped in the 20th century Continue reading

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