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In India, suffering is just a part of life!

If there’s one thing that has an instant and direct relation to development, that’s power supply. The new economy is completely driven by electricity. Switch off the power supply and business and growth comes to a stand still. Considering this, … Continue reading

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Cricket coverage on TV – Channels are milking the game dry

Have you been watching the India – England cricket matches on DD or on Sahara One? It doesn’t really matter as both channels are doing a pathetic job. Almost every over you miss the first ball as you are still … Continue reading

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TV Channel SMS scam

Every TV channel in India is today encouraging viewers to SMS to participate in polls, contests, shows and what not. However they do not tell the viewers that he SMS sent to the channel will be priced differently than a … Continue reading

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Religion in India – Faith vs Reason

In my previous post, I wrote about the absence of scientific temper in India and the need for those well informed, to voice their opinions against superstitions and customs that have chained our society. India today seems completely at the … Continue reading

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The Scientific Edge and its conspicuous absence in India

I am almost done reading the book “The Scientific Edge: The Indian Scientist from Vedic to Modern Times” by renowned scientist Jayant Narlikar. I have had this book for an year or so but for some reason I didn’t quite … Continue reading

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Sharing a part of me

Thinking about writing this blog regularly, I feel a little like Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series. She wrote into Tom Marvolo Riddle’s magical diary and shared a little too much of herself. Tom Riddle happened to be Lord … Continue reading

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