Using The Right To Information At The Pune City Corporation Office

Adventures Of An RTI ExplorerFor several years I have been planning to use the Right To Information (RTI) to get information and facts on things that bother me in the city. I read up on the subject, talked with friends, blogged about it, but never managed to take the most important step, that of using the right and asking for information. I even explored every possibility in which I could get information without having to visit the Pune Corporation office. Unfortunately that’s not possible. If you want information you have to work hard for it.

So I picked a Saturday when I did not have much else planned. Picked some RTI form samples from the net and filled up three forms asking for information from the PMC. The first form asked information about footpaths / pavements in Pune. The second about parking provisions that commercial buildings need to make as per corporation rules and the third asking for information about the PMC’s e-governance initiatives. I will write details of the information I sought and the response I got, when I do get the information. For the time being I will stick to the submitting the form part. A friend of mine who has been complaining for years about the stray pig menace in Shivteerth Nagar, Kothrud accompanied me hoping to submit his complaint to the relevant department and to finally rid his locality of the pigs.

(Cont…Click here for the entire article). Published as part of my fortnightly column for the Maharashtra Herald

Pune Corporation becomes

For reasons only known to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the PMC has now changed the official website from to and killed is definitely a better name than egovpmc, but why kill the established They could have just redirected to the new site. PMC also hasn’t shown the sense to buy the domain name So please note that is the official site while is a fake.

However if you are hoping to get some work done on the corporation site, it doesn’t matter if or is the official site, because both sites are currently not working.

I think it’s time to use the Right To Information and check which politician’s family member is minting money by bagging these contracts for the PMC websites and delivering rubbish in return.