Voter Apathy Or Election Commission Incompetence?

At just 40%, Pune saw it’s worst ever voter turnout for the Loksabha elections. Mumbai was slightly better at 44%. The dismal voter turnout numbers have shocked most of educated India. Political leaders are smirking on TV saying things like “You blame us politicians for not caring about the country, but even the ordinary citizen does not care.” I have no insider info on the matter, but am just trying to apply some common sense to figure out what could have gone wrong. Continue reading “Voter Apathy Or Election Commission Incompetence?”

India Loksabha Election Issues – Candidate Attributes

Watching politicians debating about what seemed like non-issues to me, got me wondering about what are the real election issues and what are the qualities that the electorate look for in a MP.  Thought why not create a simple ranking based survey to get the info from friends and readers of  Please fill out the survey – India Loksabha Election Issues – Candidate Attributes Survey . It will take not more than 3-4 min to complete the survey and you will help us all better understand what matters to Indians. I will make the statistics collected through this survey freely and publicly available at on 1st May 2009. Thank you.

Wealth & Assets Of Candidates In India General Elections 2009

Below are the affidavits of the candidates contesting for the Pune Loksabha Seat in India’s General Elections 2009. Click on the names to open the scanned PDF documents. You can check the details of the wealth, holdings, assets of the candidates and their criminal record, if any. Use these links to have a look at candidate affidavits across – Pune, Maharashtra and  India . Continue reading “Wealth & Assets Of Candidates In India General Elections 2009”

What’s The Impact Of The Economic Slowdown On The Software Business?

Rightrix Research & have undertaken a research to gauge sentiment of the insiders to the software business (the developers, architects and managers) and know what they think about the slowdown and its impact. Participating in the survey also gets you 15% off on registrations for the 3rd Conference On Java Technology

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