Oracle Java Cloud Service Article In Java Magazine

Oracle Java Cloud Article - java MagazineGetting Onboard Oracle Java Cloud Service” . My article about the Oracle Java Cloud Service in the latest Java Magazine issue (June 2016) .

My earlier Java Cloud articles in Java Magazine talked of what’s now known as the Oracle Java Cloud SaaS Extension. The newer ‘full’ Java Cloud Service has a lot more to offer.

Curiously, my bio in this article has missed out on mentioning my book on the Oracle Java Cloud ūüôā

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Internet For Business Development, Internet Entrepreneurship & IT Security & Compliance Courses – By IndicThreads Education

From the IndicThreads Education Press Release. You are welcome to link – share >>

IndicThreads, a technology media pioneer, creators of the software developer portal & the IndicThreads Technology Conferences, announces the¬† launch of¬† ‘IndicThreads Education‘ a novel initiative in business & technology education. The courses are path-breaking in their content¬† & way ahead of their time as compared to curriculum of traditional education courses in India.

IndicThreads Education kicks off with three courses, all of which are a first for education in India – 1) Internet For Business & Development 2) Internet Entrepreneurship 3) Information Technology Security & Compliance

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What’s The Impact Of The Economic Slowdown On The Software Business?

Rightrix Research & have undertaken a research to gauge sentiment of the insiders to the software business (the developers, architects and managers) and know what they think about the slowdown and its impact. Participating in the survey also gets you 15% off on registrations for the 3rd Conference On Java Technology

>> Click to enter the survey

IndicThreads Conference On Java – Version 3.0 – Pune, India

The 3rd edition of the Conference On Java Technology will be held at the Hotel Sun n Sand in Pune, India from 25-27¬†Nov¬†2008. The conference is I believe the best place in India for Java learning and discussion. However as I am a speaker at the conference and my firm is the host of the conference,¬†don’t take my word for it.¬†

Check out¬†– and have a look at the sessions and the speakers who would be presenting at the event.¬†Conference sessions deal with topics like Domain Driven Design, SOA, HTML5 WebSocket, Agile, Lean, Ajax, Web 2, Scripting, Java Persistence and Desktop Java amongst others. The theme for the event this year is “Architect The Future

If you think the event is worth it, use the discounted rate currently on offer to grab a seat.  I look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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Experts talk RIA, Agile, Project Irritants, Late Hours, Future of Java …

Check out this discussion about emerging trends in software development that I recently conducted on

>> The IndicThreads Software Technology & Emerging Trends Conversation 2008

Project managers & architects from Cognizant, Infosys, i-flex & Persistent discuss the changing nature of enterprise applications as well as the impact of RIA and SOA. They share their thoughts on Agile, project execution models, project irritants, late hours work culture, the future of Java and also give their take on the quality of software education.

A must read for anyone in the software development business. You are sure to get meaningful insights into the software development scene today, particularly in the Indian software industry.