Internet For Business Development

My presentation on ‘Internet For Business Development’ at Barcamp Pune, Nov 2009. The learning was part of my preparations while designing the Internet For Business Development & Internet Entrepreneurship course for IndicThreads Education.The session gives an overview of how the Internet has changed business and business development activities forever & how today’s entrepreneurs & business development professionals need to harness the power of technology and the Internet to deliver better sales, stronger brands & a larger customer base for the enterprise.

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Lord Ganesha Causes You Telecom Internet Failure

You Telecom’s internet connectivity in Pune has been pathetic for the past 4 – 5 days. I have rarely managed to connect and despite repeated complaints, nothing has been done in the matter as yet. However just now I happened to see the You Telecom website and realized that You Telecom was not to blame and it was only god’s wish that citizens of Pune do not get Internet access.

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