Pune Election Results – Final Vote Count

The final vote count for the Pune Loksabha election is now available. Sitting MP, Suresh Kalmadi of the Congress has managed to retain the Pune seat by a margin of about 25000 votes.

  1. Kalmadi Suresh (Winner)     INC     279897 votes
  2. Anil Shirole     BJP     254150 votes
  3. Shirole Ranjeet Shrikant     MNS     75885 votes
  4. D S K Alias D.s.kulkarni     BSP     62963 votes
  5. Arun Bhatia     PG     30329 votes Read more

Pune Election Result – Congress Kalmadi Leads

2:46 pm Update – Kalmadi leds over Shirole by 24158

2:15 pm Update – Kalmadi leds over Shirole by 21525

1:29 pm Update – Suresh Kalmadi from the Indian National Congress leads by 19410 from BJP’s Anil Shirole as on 1.29 pm on 16th May 09.  Counting is still in progress. Read more

Pune Election Candidate, D S Kulkarni (DSK) explains BSP ‘social engineering’

D S KulkarniI would soon be carrying a proper interview with Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidate for Pune Loksabha elections, Shri. D S Kulkarni (DSK). However while the DSK office processes the full interview, they were kind enough to put me on the phone with Shri. Kulkarni. Below is my record of our brief interaction. Will have the full interview up soon. Read more